Every Business Needs A Website
Why Every Business Needs A Website

Every Business Needs A Website

With today’s online technology, and how digitized information has become to us, there’s no doubting every business needs a website in 2019 and beyond.

A global survey by GoDaddy of small businesses in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States found that 59% did not have a website.

There are over 3 billion people in the world with actively using the internet, so chances are if you don’t have a website you’re missing out on reaching on a huge amount of people.

Why you need a website?

  1. It markets your business 24/7 – Websites market vital information to web browsers even when you’re closed. A website can reach different time zones, countries and people all over the world when you can’t! If you have an online store, you can be open for sale 100% of the time and wake up to those orders.
  2. People expect it – A study done by American Marketing Association found that 60% of people expect some sort of online presence. What that means is that if you’re not online, chances are web browsers will go to a competitor. A professionally designed site builds trust with tech savvy people as they will more likely be drawn to your brand if it ticks all the boxes, you can also read about building an online brand on our previous blog.
  3. Get found on Google – Having a website and making sure it’s also mobile optimized is a must if you want to take your Google rankings seriously. On page factors such as speed, usability, HTTPS (secure), Alt Tags on images are simple things get right on your website which will give your business than rankings boost.
  4. A website showcases your work – Create beautiful portfolios of your work with images, videos and case studies for the world to see. If you own a restaurant or cafe you can easily showcase your amazing food,  a PDF downloadable menu  and have photos of your restaurant for people to see before they arrive. This approach can be used in any industry!
  5. Cost Effective – It can be free if you want it to be! WordPress, Wix, Squarespace all offer free website builders. Obviously the more money you spend, the better the product but it is definitely more cheaper than mail-outs, buying advertising space, newspaper ads, billboards or other media ads.
  6. Keep people informed – New stock, changing business hours, locations, prices or upcoming events – It’s much easier to update a website than it is to print out a brochure. Social Media integration also allows you to share posts across numerous other channels seamlessly.

So the proof is out there, and if you’re not convinced check out this article by Forbes.com

Regardless of the industry, any business can use a website. Having one that’s professional with a clean design and easy to use on desktop and mobile is key.

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