Build a professional business brand
Red Digital Marketing Building a professional brand

Build a professional business brand

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”

This saying couldn’t be further from the truth in the world of business.

Think about it… You’re doing a search online for a service let’s say “Child Care” and the business you’re looking at has the following:

  • A business email address such as “” or “”
  • A website such as “” or “”
  • No business logo
  • A website loaded with “not found error” or “404 errors”
  • Social Media posts that are months or years old, nothing recent
  • No phone number to contact

If the Child Care service or business you’re looking at has one or a few of these chances are you’re not going to trust that business with your child!

Creating a professional brand builds trust. People are becoming increasingly aware when browsing online, and will steer away from any company or service that could be seen as “untrustworthy” or a scam.

If you’re starting up a business, or you have been in the game for years here are a few tips on how you can instantly increase your credibility online and portray a professional image for business:

  1. Have your own domain name – Use a domain such as “” Many sites provide free URLs but these are either long and don’t represent your business. Keep it short and sweet!
  2. Use a business email address – Stop using your personal email address! If you’re dealing with customers and clients you want to be professional, and when you have chosen your private domain name, this usually looks like which looks much better than
  3. Have a fully functional website – A professional website can be designed with a little work on websites services such as or but if you don’t feel comfortable doing this get yourself a designer! A professional company or business will have a fully functional website with a sleek theme, relevant information and no errors.
  4. Design a logo – Such a simple an effective way to give your business an identity and establish a professional image. Ensure that your logo represents your business! Once you have this build your website around it and create business cards with your creative logo.
  5. Social media presence – Create a business page on Facebook, Instragram or Youtube and post content at least once a week. This can be a photo, blog, video or a status update. Be sure to make your posts engaging, and consistent!

Every little detail counts. In an online world that is often saturated and overcrowded, your business needs to be able to stand out from the rest. Creating a professional brand will go a long way to building trust with consumers and put you on the right path for success in the digital world.

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