The 9 best ways to build your business online in 2018
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The 9 best ways to build your business online in 2018

So you’re starting up your own business in 2018 (woo-hoo!) and you know that getting your business online is critical and you want to get it right. We will go through an in-depth list of what are the 9 best ways to build your business online in 2018 so you can get found online!

9. Positive Press Releases – When you start a new local business, consumers see you as a new kid on the block and are unsure about who you actually are. You need to build trust, and a great way for that is through a press release. Press releases are suitable for virtually any business and can generate instant exposure – Check out this article by Express Writers on how a press release can reap huge rewards for your business. Simply contact a local media company or journalist, and ask if they can write a small piece about your business! 

8. Logo – A logo that represents who you are can set the tone and a solid foundation for your business. Nike, Starbucks, Apple, Krispy Kreme – You remember the logos! Contact a local graphic designer or find a freelancer online there’s so many resources on Google. Ensure that your logo embodies your brand, and really captures your business. Use bold colours, and don’t be afraid to do something a little different! At the end of the day – You want to stand out from the crowd.

7. Custom Email address and Email Signature – Having a custom email address for example shows professionalism and separates you from generic email hosts like Gmail or Hotmail. Don’t use your personal email address! Separate the personal from business, and learn what it takes to effectively communicate with clients. Using bad language, typo riddled emails or being impolite can turn away a customer, or worse! Even better get an email signature to go with all your outgoing emails, with your logo and all other business contact information so you look extra pro!

6. Use high quality professional images – What way to better show the world your work than through images. These images should be displayed across your social media posts, website, blogs and Google. Consumers buy with their eyes, not their ears – So if you have terrible grainy, low-res amateur photos associated with your content people will shop elsewhere. Contact a professional photographer to capture your work, or edit your own photos (or even better get us to do it) to get kick ass photos so you can start building trust with the people, and get those sales!

A high quality photo capturing a fireplace installation

5. Local Directories – Get listed on local directories. Use websites such as Yelp, Whitepages, True Local, etc and get listed locally. By doing this you create citations online, which in turn increase traffic to your business. Having these listings across different directories also will assist with your ranking on Google! Be sure to have all your information consistent across all directories.

4. Social Media Platforms – Facebook, Instragram, YouTube, Linkedin – You know them all. When you have chosen which platforms are best for you, make sure you use all features available to you. Facebook Live, Instagram stories, and videos – You need to keep your consumers engaged with powerful content! You can also run marketing campaigns on these platforms to build an audience or increase exposure – But do so wisely! Bad campaigns can result in a waste of money. Also make sure you reply to all your comments or reviews, it’s polite and creates conversations – Harness the power of Social Media!

3. Get a website – There are over 1 billion websites, so yours better be pretty bloody good! Whether it is an online shop, a platform to show your portfolio or a landing page, it is essential to have a high quality website. Be sure to have your own domain matching your business such as Your site has to be mobile device optimized with rapid load times – As reported by Stats Giant Statista, in 2018 52% of all web traffic worldwide is generated by mobile phones! So if your site is slow and unresponsive, chances are consumers will click off your site and go to a competitor. Keep your website simple, user-friendly full of great content and consumers will stay on your website for longer and you will hopefully get that sale.

2. Google My Business Page – This is so important! Having a Google My Business page allows local people to find you, and gives consumers all the essential information for your business. This also allows you to rank in the “3-pack” of Google for example when you search “Plumbers in Melbourne” – 3 top rated businesses show up. If you can land position number 1 you are well on your way to dominating your market. Make sure you complete all the fields available, so that it is completely optimized for Google. 

red digital marketing google my business
RDM Google listing

1. Search Engine Optimization – The single, most important factor to getting found online is SEO! We cover the importance of SEO for small business in our previous blog post here. Basically, you need to nail all these points listed above, plus a whole different bunch of factors to get SEO right. Things such as writing blogs, creating video content, having an optimized website, consistent local directory info make up a large bulk of SEO. If it’s too much to handle contact a SEO specialist, and your company will do great things online!

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